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"We used to be so close, but now
I don’t know where this is going.”
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Collaborative, on demand DevOps so you can fall in love with your systems all over again.

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What we do

We offer a hold your hand level of service that helps you understand your infrastructure, so you can become aware of your blind spots, fix what’s wrong, and move forward with clear vision and control.


Do your systems feel more like a hodgepodge than a well-oiled machine? Let us get you back on track with analysis and targeted issue resolution so you can get back online.

  • Failure recovery triage
  • Scaling solutions for blazing fast systems
  • Plug the leaks on infrastructure costs

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Starting Over

If you’ve grown apart from your infrastructure and it needs a hard reset, we can help. We’ll create a fresh, new architecture so you can stop putting out fires and start focusing on your business.

  • Up and running in 3 weeks
  • Migrate to the cloud or switch providers
  • Smooth and efficient data migration

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Long-Term Relationship

We think the best relationships happen over time. Our maintenance support provides you with a unified view that makes monitoring your systems automatic.

  • Maintenance support for 3, 6,or 12 months
  • Integration and orchestration of your components
  • Automated backup and recovery

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"Healthy systems need TLC to thrive.”
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"Zoondka worked with the DigiSight team helping us migrate to a stable, scalable, high-availability, HIPAA-complaint AWS architecture that is easy to maintain."

Nitin Karandikar
Nitin Karandikar
Health Technology Executive

Who we are

Satyajit Pande
Satyajit Pande
Founder, Lead DevOps Architect

Satyajit is an avid programmer who has been in the industry for more than 25 years. He believes DevOps should be an integral and understandable part of every company's team culture, not a black box to be understood by few. He works to bring the discussion of your company's systems into your big picture, so your infrastructure is not an after-thought, but an integral part of your vision and success.

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"Infrastructure shouldn’t have to be a black box.”

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